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Fashion Index’s mission is to create economic opportunity in all areas of the Fashion Industry, from concept through design and delivery of a product. We want to make it easy to do business anywhere. Give buyers the tools necessary to find personnel and suppliers quickly and effortlessly. Help the talent and suppliers to reach a global audience all in one place. Central to this mission is our commitment to be transparent about the data we collect about you, how it is used and with whom it is shared.

At, we are committed to protecting your privacy as a visitor to this Website and as a user of the site (“Individual or Business”) who choose to list their services on our site. To our visitors and our users, we offer this pledge: is the owner of the information, which is collected on this Website. We will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer, share, lease or rent any personally identifiable information to any third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies when you use our Services (described below). We offer our users choices about the data we collect, use and share as described in this Privacy Policy.

We are a social network and online platform for professionals. Personnel use our Services to find and be found for business opportunities, to connect with others and find information. Our Privacy Policy applies to any users (“Business or Individual”) or Visitor to our Services.

By enrolling as a registered user (“Business or Individual”) users are asked to share their professional identities and services their company provides, engage with their network, and establish business and career opportunities. Content and data on some of our Services is viewable to non-members (“Visitors”).


This Privacy Policy applies to your use of our Services.
This Privacy Policy applies to communications and services (“Services”). For California residents, additional disclosures required by California law may be found in our California Privacy Disclosure (at the end of this document).

Our website uses an encrypted connection using an HTTPS security certificate. Most browsers enable you to verify this by looking for a padlock near the website address. This means that any information between the website and your browser is sent securely.

When you visit our website we use Google Analytics to collect information on your journey through the website. This information is anonymous and we do not use it to identify you. Google provides a Google Analytics opt-out add on for all popular browsers. When you create a user profile (Individual or Business) on our website we will store this information securely on the back-end of our website.


  • Some websites use local storage called "session Storage" and "local Storage" to store information; "Session Storage" is automatically deleted when the browser program is closed; instead to delete the "local Storage" the user must delete the browsing history.

  • Local Flash storage ("Flash Local Shared Objects"). Flash is a browser add-on that allows you to incorporate interactive and multimedia elements into a web. Flash also allows the visited website to store files on the user's device.

  • The local storage of Silverlight ("Isolated Objects"). Silverlight is a browser add-on that allows you to incorporate interactive and multimedia elements into a web. Silverlight also allows the visited website to store files on the user's device.

  • Web beacon is a tracking technique that consists of inserting an image hosted on an Internet server on the web or in an email, so that when the browser or mail program is connected to that server to download and view the image, access is recorded. Sometimes these images are very small or transparent so that the user is not aware of their existence.

Browsing this website with local storage or session storage activated necessarily implies acceptance of the privacy.


  • To delete the data stored in the local storage of the browser, the user must delete the browsing history.

  • To learn how to delete local Flash storage or to limit the amount of space allowed, see the Adobe Help pages: Click here



For other browsers as well as for any clarification or question about the storage of this web, you can contact us by email, writing to

NOTE: the information offered is dated 07/30/2020 and we inform you that with the passage of time may not be exhaustive, although periodically this cookie policy is revised.